I love love. I know that sounds a little ridiculous but hear me out. Love is how we describe the feeling we get when we get really excited about something. The emotion of happily wanting something. The feeling that comes when the simple thought of something makes us happy. And I love feeling that way!

I love my kids. It’s the simplest and most powerful example of love I can give. When I think about them, and spending time with them, and who they are as individuals, I feel love. I miss them when they aren’t around, I’m excited to interact with them and I worry anything bad happening to them. It doesn’t mean I think they are perfect. But those imperfections fade when I think about how much I enjoy having them in my life and my excitement to see them grow and experience life.

I love my family. Both my biological family and my family of friends. I feel the same way about them as I do my children, just not to the same extent. I love and am excited to spend time with them and have concerns for their well-being. It makes me happy when they show and reflect the love I have for them back at me.

I love people. I find it easy to love the people around me and throughout the world. I used to see people as somewhat neutral, not really being good or bad. But my experiences interacting with people socially has taught me that everyone has good in them. And that we as a species do a whole lot more good than we do bad. And that we are getting better as a whole everyday.

I want to love more. Both internally and showing that externally. It’s something I really strive for in my personal and professional relationships, and an idea I try to promote through example and through helping people to see that love, unselfish caring love, is never wrong or inappropriate or too much. We could all use a whole lot more love.